Lost Journey: The Movie

Reza Sholeh

Reza Sholeh has wanted to become an actor since childhood. All throughout high school he performed in his school's plays. After graduating, however, he went on to university to study architecture in order to appease his family, but left after the first semester to follow his own dreams. He enrolled in a drama school in Iran where he studied theatre and performed in Persian reproductions of Shakespearian plays, but was never in front of a camera.

Lost Journey (2010) provided Reza with the opportunity to jump start his career on the big screen. Never having auditioned outside of Iran before, he found the experience quite harrowing but was able to draw inspiration for the character from his own background. In Lost Journey, Reza plays 19 year old Pedram Abasi who leaves his native Iran to study in Canada.

Pedram's father has made many sacrifices so that he could have enough money to send his son overseas to live with his aunt and uncle. However, the introduction to a different, more liberal lifestyle that includes alcohol, drugs and clubbing, changes Pedram's life and puts into peril his father's dreams of a brighter future for his son.

Andy Madadian

Known by many as “The Prince of Persia”, Andy Madadian is one of Persia’s own musical legends. Although Andy grew up in Tehran, he is a naturalized American and has been living in Los Angeles for a number of years. When he’s not playing to sold-out venues all over the world, this Persian/Armenian award-winning pop star sensation is showcasing his talent as an actor.

Having first made his mark on television in 2001 on ABC’s production of The Princess and the Marine, he has since made appearances in films such as: Dreamworks’ The House of Sand and Fog (2003) alongside Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly, where he sings and contributed to the movie score; Irangeles (2003); Guide Company Films’ The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam (2005) with Academy Award winner Vanessa Redrgrave, where Andy plays the governor of the ancient city of Samarkand; and indie film Futbaal: The Price of Dreams (2007).

In his latest role, Lost Journey (2010), Andy plays Pedram’s English language teacher who becomes, to some extent, his mentor. In identifying with his students, Mr. Zand tries to guide Pedram towards making the right choices.

Pedram Ziaei

In Lost Journey (2010), Pedram Ziaei plays the character Arya, Pedram’s cousin. His personality is quite different from that of his cousin and his long-time friend Nima. Goal oriented and focused, Arya is studying to become an automotive designer. The two things that give him the most pleasure in life are talking to people about his portfolio, and getting into arguments and fighting – actions that expose conflict within himself.

Hamid Savalanpour

Actor Hamid Savalanpour successfully won his role on Lost Journey (2010) after pleading his case with director Ant Horasanli, as he was convinced that he would be the best person for the role. Having grown up in Toronto housing, Hamid was able to connect with his character from the very beginning. He was capable of channelling his rough childhood through the camera’s lens to portray the misguided and lost teenager, Nima.

One of Nima’s major problems is that he doesn’t take anything seriously. His party-for-life-and-damn-the-consequences attitude jives perfectly with Pedram and the two click almost instantly. Nima is the one who introduces Pedram to Chrissy, Ecstasy, and a new home called the Warehouse.

Stephanie Bell

Toronto native Stephanie Bell is no stranger to the world of performing arts. Although her journey began in a dance studio at the age of five, she later enrolled in a Performing Arts School where she pursued acting. After graduating in 2007, Stephanie took to the stage and has been cast in theatrical reproductions of Beauty and the Beast and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In Lost Journey (2010), her film debut, Stephanie plays a carefree socialite with no responsibilities and who enjoys having a good time. Her character, Chrissy, begins to take an interest in Pedram after meeting him at a party she goes to with her old-time friends, Nima and Arya. The thrill of introducing Pedram to a new way of life is a new and exhilarating endeavour for Chrissy.

Shiva Negar

Actress Shiva Negar was born in Iran and started her career there as a child performer. Musically inclined, she began by performing at piano and guitar recitals and then in singing competitions. In high school, Shiva did a lot of theatre and that quickly became her art of choice. She followed her passion for acting and went to film school in Toronto and has taken several workshops in Toronto and Los Angeles.

In her first feature film, Lost Journey (2010), Shiva plays Donya, Pedram’s first love – the One. Although Pedram leaves her behind in Iran, he plans on returning to her in a couple of years to marry her. After arriving in Canada, one of the first things Pedram does is call her. Donya makes being away from home that much more difficult and as the movie progresses, she keeps infiltrating his thoughts to serve as his subconscious and remind him of the reason he went to Canada.

Nasrin Javadi

Aunt Farnoosh is the sole person who takes the most interest in her nephew and his education. She is a positive and influential figure in Pedram's life. Being that Pedram is from her side of the family, she feels most responsible for him.

Mehrdad Alaei

As long as Pedram gets an education, his uncle is fine with him staying. Pedram's behaviour is hard to get used to though. Fereydoon finds Pedram asleep on the lawn, coming in at all hours of the night, and lately as Fereydoon puts it, "lying around the house all day like a watermelon."


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Arriving in Toronto from Northern Iran, 19 year-old Pedram Abasi embarks on a journey to learn a new language and culture.

While making great progress to the delight of his Aunt and Uncle who have taken him in, Pedram's life drastically changes course when he meets Nima and Chrissy who introduce him to a world of all night raves, promiscuous sex, and taking X till sunrise.

Before long, Pedram's family begins to resent his irresponsible ways and regret ever taking him in. With his education in peril and his life on a downward spiral, Pedram must now regain control before all hope is lost.